Welcome to the Journey to Advent Podcast.  

Daily episodes can be played directly on this site by clicking on Podcast in the menu.  

If you wish to download each episode, you can subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or other pod catcher. 


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If you have any problems, do a search for "Light of Advent" in the podcast app or iTunes store. 


 To sync with your podcather software other than iTunes, use the RSS link for our podcast: http://advent.kfcnaz.org/index.php/component/podcastmanager/?format=raw&feedname=1


iTunes Manual Instructions - (Does not require an Apple ID)


Step 1 - You will need to be able to view the menu bar at the top left.  (File, Edit, View, Controls, Store, Help).  If you don't see it, you can enable it one of two ways.  Either use the key combo Ctrl+B OR click the icon in top left corner and select show menu bar.


Step 2 -  Check to see if you have Podcasts as an option in your library list by clicking the icon below the menu bar on the left. 


Step 3 - If Podcasts are not listed, add it by clicking on Edit in the Menu Bar > Preferences.  


 Under the library options, check the box for Podcasts, then click OK at the bottom. 

 You should now see Podcasts listed in your library. 


Step 4 - Once Podcasts are listed in your Library, click on File > Subscribe to Podcast. 


Step 5 - Paste the RSS Feed URL into the popup window and click OK.  (Feed URL is: http://advent.kfcnaz.org/index.php/component/podcastmanager/?format=raw&feedname=1 ).



 On the next Screen, click Continue. 

 The Podcast may take a few moments to sync.  Once it is synced, you can you play it on your computer or sync with an iPad or iPhone.  New episodes will download automatically each day.