Second Sunday of Advent - The Candle of Love

Has God revealed to you a name yet?

After lighting the second candle of Advent, The Candle of Love, share with one another how the love of Christ has changed you. How does it change the way you see yourself? How does it change the way you see others?

Now think about the person God has laid upon your heart. How is He calling you to show them love?

What way can you be a blessing to and how can you ensure that the glory goes to God?

Tonight, pray specifically as a family that God will reveal to you how to be a blessing. Pray that He will be the one who receives the glory. Pray that He will make this time an act of worship for you and for your family. And finally, pray that this challenge will be used to show others the love of Christ. In the space below, write down how you feel God may be calling you and your family to be a blessing this Christmas.