The Word

John 1:1 “1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (NASB) 

Those who are new to Christianity, or those who wish to have a “back to the basics” Bible study, are often encouraged to begin by reading the book of John. Not only does John’s gospel give us an account of the things that Jesus did, but it establishes beyond any doubt who Jesus was.

Here in the opening volley of John’s testimony of Christ is the establishing statement upon which everything else hinges.  Before the reader goes any further, before any other information is presented, John begins by affirming the Deity of Jesus Christ.  

In fact, most Bibles label this section of text “The Deity of Christ.”

This statement of belief, this testimony of experience, is the basis upon which the entire gospel rests. 

In Matthew Henry’s commentary on this verse, he says the following:  “This proves him fit to undertake our salvation; for life and light, spiritual and eternal life and light, are the two great things that fallen man, who lies so much under the power of death and darkness, has need of.”

As we prepare to celebrate the Advent season, the foundation of that celebration must begin here.  Because Jesus was fully God and fully man, because He was worthy to die for our sins, we are able to receive the greatest gift ever given.