A Random Blessing 

This year, we are challenging our members to take the light of Christ beyond the walls of their homes.  We are asking you to find one person or one other family that you can specifically and intentionally bless this Christmas.

After you light the first Advent candle, the Candle of Hope, pray as a family that God will give you a name of a person or of a family that you can be a blessing to.  

Remember that blessings can take many forms.  It could be visiting someone, hosting a meal, offering a ride, babysitting, or any number of things.

Be willing to step outside of your circle of close friends and your family / church family if that is where God calls.  Maybe God is calling you to bless the neighbor with the annoying dog, or a co-worker who makes fun of your faith.  Maybe he is calling you to bless someone that you barely know.  It is in those moments of surrender that you become the hands and feet of Christ.

Once you know who it is that God is calling on you to bless this Christmas, write their name down.   If you aren’t sure yet don’t force it.  Pray specifically for guidance, trust in His timing, and write it in when He reveals it.