Romans 8:31-32 “31 What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us? ”  (NASB)

There is a scene in Disney’s The Lion King when young Simba is being chased by three hyenas.  He attempts to scare them off with his roar, but it fizzles out into a small whimper.   Rather than run away in fear, the hyenas laugh at him and move in for the kill.  

In a final act of desperation, Simba tries one more roar and instead of the amusing little meow, a bellowing roar is heard that shakes the room and sends the hyenas cowering in fear.  At first Simba thinks it was him, but he soon realized the roar came from his father who was standing behind him. 

That is the image that I have of our Father in heaven when we face the attacks of the enemy. 

In my own strength, I cannot stand up to the attacks that come my way.  Even when I muster up my best shout of defiance, my best defensive stand, my best tough guy stance, it is still no match for the attack that is to come. 

Yet because of His love for us, God does not leave us standing in our own strength.  When we stand against sin, when we stand against adversity, when we stand against the attacks of Satan, we do not stand alone, but in the power and authority of our Father.  

At the sound of His voice, Satan trembles and flees, and no power is able to remain standing against us.