Romans 8:11“Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” (NASB)

Condemnation is not a word we typically include in our daily vocabulary, and with good reason.  The word evokes a host of negative emotions and implications that we don’t like to think about.

A literal translation of the word would be “The act of being found guilty and sentenced.”   The word used by Paul is even more specific: katakrima, which translates as damnation.  It comes from a combination of kata which means down, apart, aside, and alone; and krino which means to judge, to decide, to ordain, or to sentence. 

This passage is not just a random proclamation, it is the focal point of a spiritual narrative that has been building throughout the book of Romans.  In chapter 3, Paul pointed out that all had sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.  In Chapter 6, he reminded the readers that the wages of sin is death.  Had the book ended there, it would have been sobering at best.  Yet praise God that He was not content to leave us in our condemnation. 

Romans 8:1 doesn’t remove the seriousness of sin.  It doesn’t excuse it, it doesn’t re-define it. Instead, it assures us that when we are in Christ Jesus and have put our faith and our hope in Him, the casting down, the setting aside, the separation and damnation is removed. 

When the guilt of shame seems unbearable, and regret darkens and overwhelms your soul, call out to Christ and rest in the knowledge that In Him, there is now no condemnation.